On the go with Honeybee Gardens.

Pans of Eco Gold.
January 5, 2015
Let’s keep it clean.
January 7, 2015

On the go with Honeybee Gardens.

My Honeybee Gardens collection consist of Eco friendly pans that I place into a Mac duo magnetic palette. I depotted three of my bought palettes sold by Honeybee Gardens to put into one travel friendly case. So here’s the breakdown..

From Party Girl Eye Palette (4 pans)

  • Velour (Matte Plum)
  • Mojito (Matte Green)
  • Cupcake (Matte Pink)
  • Shipwreck (Matte Blue)

If you love vivid colors and/or mattes, this one is for you!

From Rock the Smokey Eye Palette (4 pans)

  • Nirvana (Matte White)
  • Chrome (Matallic Gray)
  • Falon (Nearly Black)
  • Chivalry (Iridescent Plum)

If you love metallic, this is a winner in my book.

From the Cosmopolitan Eye Palette (4 pans)

  • Kashmir (Matte Brown)
  • Satin Sheets (Gold)
  • Ps Pink (Matte Pink)
  • Angelic (Sparkly Pink)

If you love to have a sweetheart look like I do this is the beautiful.

I also have two pans that I bought which are sold as singles.

  • Tippy Taupe (Plum with hints of brown and silver)
  • Conspiracy (Matte rich forest green)

Other pans for purchase (that I do not have yet)

  • Antique (Matte pale cream bisque)
  • Porcelain (Matte very pale pink)
  • Ninja Kitty (Pale pink with slight shimmer)
  • Cameo (Matte warm pale rose)
  • Canterbury (Matte light dusty plum)
  • Mojave (Matte light earthy brown)
  • Cairo (Medium plum brown slight shimmer)
  • Coco Loco (Matte milk chocolate brown)
  • Daredevil (Matte rich plum)
  • Dragonfly (Rich purple with slight iridescence)
  • Drama Bomb (Plum lilac with shimmer)
  • Pacific (Matte deep ocean blue)

Give this brand a try, I swear you’ll love it!

I can’t say enough how awesome these pressed eye shadows are. They are so pigmented and blend amazingly. I never had any issues with my eyes itching or tearing up with these shadows. I also use Cupcake, Ps Pink and Angelic as a blush. Angelic leaning more towards a highlight for my cheeks.

With three (4 pan) palette options and 14 other pan options, I think this company is a winner! http://www.honeybeegardens.com

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