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January 28, 2015
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Vegan products

Are thinking about going Vegan? Are you thinking about only buying Vegan products from now on? If so, this is the article for you!

So first let’s touch down on how to define Veganism. Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. A follower of Veganism is known as a Vegan.

That being said, what defines a Vegan products? A product that is Vegan does not contain any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients.

Here are some companies that will help you find Vegan cosmetic options:

  • Au Naturale is fully Vegan!
  • Cocoon Apothecary is fully Vegan!
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is fully Vegan!
  • Urban Decay (Face) Vegan options: Liquid makeup, Beauty Balm, Concealer pencil, Loose powder, Mattifying powder and Setting spray.
  • Urban Decay (Eyes) Vegan options: Primer potion, Glitter eyeliner, Ink for eyes eyeliner, All Nighter eyeliner, Cream eyeliner, Bondage adhesive and Loose glitter.
  • Urban Decay (Eye shadow) Vegan options: Laced,Verve, Twiced baked, Peace, Shattred, Kush, Haight, Mushroom, Hijack, Mildew, Desperation, Loaded, Bender, Gunmetal, Blackout, Zephyr, Virgin, Foxy, Half baked, Easy baked, Waui wowie, Bust, Tease, Buck, Faint, Chase, Darkhorse, Naked, Midnight cowboy rides again, Baked, Lost, Roach and Smog.
  • Urban Decay (Lip) Vegan options: Naked lipgloss.
  • Urban Decay also has Vegan nail polish and Vegan brush options.
  • Sugarpill (Eye shadow) Vegan options: Charmy, Clickbait, Countess, Grand tiara, Holy ghost, Hug life, Mint soda, Penelope, Strangeling, Candy crush, Frostine, Diamond eyes, Soot & stars, Subterranean, Hi-viz, Hellatronic, Love buzz, Sparkage, Supercharged, Acidberry, Afterparty, Bulletproof, Buttercup, Midori, Mochi, Tako, Velocity, Absinthe, Asylum, Birthday girl, Darling, Decora, Goldilux, Lumi, Magentric, Magpie, Paperdoll, Royal sugar, Stella and Tipsy.
  • Sugarpill also has Vegan eyelashes and Vegan brush options.
  • Melt (Eye shadow) Vegan options: Dark matter, Promiscuous, Fixated and Amelie.
  • Melt (Lip) Vegan options: By starlight, Bane, Stupid love, Belladonna, Bang! Bang!, Darling, Shady lady, Summer, Space cake, Blow, AGAF and Dark room.

Slowly companies are embracing our concerns and are changing the world for the better. So stick with what you believe is right and they will listen.

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