Julia 1927 – Handmade Eco Edition

Cosmetics & the Carcinogens.
February 18, 2015
No End Naturals – Handmade Eco Edition
March 4, 2015

Julia 1927 – Handmade Eco Edition

Do you support local businesses? Do you buy for small businesses? Do you shop online instead of  going to a store for all your products?

Well if you do or want to try to, this featured blog is for you!

Today I am speaking about an amazing company that I came across on Instagram. She was having a promotion were you could get her hair butter in sample size to try for free.

I receive my sample and I must say this stuff smells amazing. I must admit I’m new to the concept of hair butter, I have used body butter before but never a butter for my hair. This was my first experience with hair butter and I defiantly went a little crazy with the application. I put way to much in and made my hair look wet all day but I must say extremely conditioned. The next time around I put a dime size amount, rubbed my hands together and then softly rubbed my ends and smoothed it in after I was fully done applying it to my damp, just towel dried, freshly washed hair and it worked wonders. How can you go wrong with shea and coffee butters that is part of this totally readable ingredient list. The ingredients also includes castor, avocado and grapeseed oils. Finishing off with glycerin and vitamin E.

Are you amazed yet? I know I am but that might be because I have already tried it and seen the benefits behind all these oils. If you are interested in this product you can find it here : http://www.julia1927.com

They also have scrubs, soaps, whipped soaps and body butters for purchase with six different scent options to choose from. If you visit the site and decide to buy use this discount code (Butter Up) and you will receive 25% off that purchase thanks to the generosity of Julia 1927. Isn’t that Eco Fabulous?


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