Eco #WCW “Women Crush Wednesday”

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March 18, 2015
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April 1, 2015

Eco #WCW “Women Crush Wednesday”

Thanks to these three beauties I have learned even more about natural eco friendly companies and natural homemade ways to stay fabulous. I came across these amazing women on YouTube and was drawn in by way they connected with me even though I was watching a video. They helped me to find new awesome non toxic products and comforted me with my choice to keep my beauty clean.

I look up to these ladies, how they can put themselves out there and help everyone understand natural, non toxic, eco friendly beauty better. The Natural Life with Laura has open my eyes to new products. Green Glitter Beauty helps me with which products are a winner or a fail. Steph Arizona shows me how I can make homemade beauty items for myself with everyday things. They are defiantly people to subscribe too.

Have a free moment? You could head over to YouTube, give their pages a glance and maybe drop a comment letting them know that EcoFabulousity sent you..That could be fun!


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