DIY, Exfoliant (Natural-Non Vegan)

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June 17, 2015
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July 1, 2015

DIY, Exfoliant (Natural-Non Vegan)

Key ingredient: Powdered milk!

You might be wondering why powdered milk? The answer is lactic acid, which is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids being well known to helps reduce acne breakouts, the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Lactic acid is a natural acid derived from milk, fruit and vegetables .

This acids and other AHAs are used to exfoliate the outer layer of skin, helping to reveal a softer, younger looking complexion and speeding up the rate of cell turnover. Milk contains anti-oxidant effects from the vitamins A and D. Skin brightening/Rejuvenation from the calcium and potassium.

Exfoliant made easy with only two ingredients: Powdered milk and Tap water! Mix together with a 2 to 1 ratio, adding water slowly until forming a pasty consistency. Rub on your face in a circular motion, then let it sit for a minute and after the time is up you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Are you ready for some super soft, more even toned complexion?



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